Monday, January 29, 2007

Another late night

Saturday saw me dancing on a tall bar stool in 4 inch heels at a DC/79 gig. Yes, I fell off. Fortunatley there were lots of people to break my fall :-)
Got in a 5am. Had to drive a mate home the next afternoon. Yuk yuk yuk.

The wavy gloves are nearly finished so pictures soon.

Oooo and I have bought the paint to paint the hall. The hall that extends into the landing and has some VERY high ceilings. I am SO looking forward to that.

Everything I own is now plastered in Hello Kitty stickers, that I bought off Ebay.

I got some shoelaces with skulls on them.

... reading the above I must admit I seem a bit odd sometimes....

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why I dont like my house. Reason number 1.

Yesterday it snowed. It is January and its to be expected, even in these days of "global warming". And what did my boiler do last night? Pack up and DIE. We have gas central heating and a gas fire. Ok, so we have the fire. Oh no we dont - the chimney isnt safe and awaits the new fire and some structural repairs that we cant afford. So we are cold. VERY cold.
Never mind, there is an immersion switch on the water tank in the airing cupboard so at least we will have hot water. Nope - its gone native and joined the Boiler Party and wont work either.
Cue cold evening spent boiling kettles for hot water.
This morning I got the immersion thing working by changing the fuse and shouting at it.
Now all we need is a spanner and a universal thermocoupler ( Scotty off Star Trek should have one) and a lot of shouting. This evening should be interesting.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Lucky Day

Today was a lucky day. I went shopping and went to give someone a pound for their trolley, and the woman said "Don't worry about it", smiled and walked off! Coming out of the shop I bought a scratchcard with that pound and won a £1!
THEN, and this is the spooky bit, when I went back to my car, there was a metal wine rack abandoned right next to my driver's door. Now, last week we had been talking about getting a wine rack (right - like wine hangs around long enough in our house to actually LIVE in a wine rack) but they were a bit dear, and here is one, brand new almost, just sitting there next to my car!
There is one bottle of wine in it now :-)
AND I am knitting a pair of fingerless gloves in some weird wavy rib pattern thats all "yon/unravel to last row/stand on your head whilst singing the national anthem" and the pattern is working!
Got to go - making crab cakes.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Another gig, this time the Thatched House in Stockport. There is a photo of me in my band on the wall in there, so its officially a GOOD place. Last night it was the other band's turn to do a gig. Did all the usual silly stuff and had a blast. I took my Christmas Jack Daniels hip flask with me and didn't drink any! Well, hardly.
Tired now. Really really tired. I have sewed up a bit more of the skirt, and the last bit of the last sleeve of the jumper is glaring at me , saying FINISH ME DAMN YOU. I am ignoring it.
And I have joined Punk Rock Knitters! Be nice and go and have a look :-)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bak 2 Skool

As I have said before, I like my job, so I didn't mind going back after the break. I do feel slightly cheated though because much as I like having a break, I dont get that real WOOOOO I AM OUT OF THAT HORRIBLE PLACE FOR X DAYS I HOPE IT BURNS TO THE GROUND WHILE I AM NOT THERE feeling. I like not being there but I dont mind being there if you see what I mean.
Anyway, we went to Nawab on Wednesday and ate the world's most delicious curries. Again. In a pathetic attempt at healthiness, I had a curry based on yoghurt rather than cream and oil. Then I had two pints and a poppadom :-)
And today I made half a skirt! An A line skirt out of an old pair of curtains that I THINK were given to me by mum but I can't remember. They are pink and flowery anyway and I think they are late 50s/60s judging by material and style. They are now a knee length A line skirt. With a ZIP in it. That I did myself! I have never put a zip in anything apart from makeup bags and various "something that goes in a straight line and no one will care if it doesnt fit in right" types of thing. AND I pressed the hems before sewing it up, so I am obviously destined to give up the job I like and go and be Stella Mcartney or someone like that....
Actually I dont think I will. Its taken me three hours to make the pattern, cut the material out, sew in the zip, iron it, realise its two sizes too big because I was working in centimeters and I dont understand them, resize it, sew up the sides, re-hem it because its also too damn LONG, shout at the sewing machine because it ate the thing that the underneath cotton lives in (NO idea what its called but if you have a sewing machine you will know the bit I mean) , re-iron it, re-hem the bottom, realise I am sewing a pink skirt with black cotton, ignore that last realisation, forget about skirt for today and go and have a drink....
I sneaked back in and tried it on and it fits and once I have sewed in all the loose bits and tidied up the zip, I do believe it will be wearable. I will look like I am wearing one of Nora Batty's aprons (sorry to anyone who doesnt watch Last of The Summer Wine) but I dont care. It will clash with the HAT but sew what :-)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New.. Hat

The hat is done.

Currently on the needles, a stripey jumper. Only one sleeve to go!

Oh yeah, happy new year everyone!