Sunday, November 21, 2004


And here, at the request of my mum, is their dog Monty.

Stilton and Guiness

Today saw me at the Trafford Centre. I bought more Stilton and Guiness pate (nearly my favourite thing in the whole world) and some Reeces Cups. Now, you have to get Reeces Cups from Selfridges as they import them from America (If you are American and reading this, you can't get them in normal shops over here), and I LOVE them. They are like little cake shaped things only they are milk chocolate filled with gooey peanut butter stuff and they are GORGEOUS. I don't really have a sweet tooth but I do like them A LOT.
I bought the ma in law's Christmas pressies, and then went on to Cost Co (like Makro, only bigger) and bought lots of diet Red Bull. And some lovely smelly candles that are Christmas pudding flavour.
It snowed the other day when I was coming home from work. It snowed heavily on the motorway, and Saddleworth Moor looked all spooky and dramatic and the sheep had gone in.
And here is today's random picture. Its the view of the fireplace from my chair.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Pussy Cats

Here are my cats. They are 16. Felix (the black and white one) doesn't normally squint like that, or look like she is going "Arrrrr Jim Lad". Harvey on the other hand, ALWAYS looks like he does here...

Sunday, November 14, 2004

I am so enraptured with my new bag, here it is.....

Laaaazeee Sundy Arfternooon

Well, I have done a whole lot of nothing today. I did hoover Jezebel, and stick some stuff on Ebay and put a picture up, but the rest of day was spent doing nothing. Oh, I did buy a new bag and a pair of boots from Wynsors World of Shoes (what a name for a shop!) - the boots are black, flat heeled knee length things (if they were on Ebay, they would say "Boho/Kate/Sienna" on the label!)but the bag is a tour de force. Its for work, and its got a picture of a kitten on each side, and the kitten is pretending to drink through a straw from a cocktail glass, and its got little diamante bits stuck all over it to make it look like the kitten is wearing a diamond collar. Its brilliant!
I have just watched an advert for Activa yoghurt, where they are going on about it containing "bifidus digestivus" - is that not something they say in Harry Potter when they are casting spells???
And now, to add to the House that Fell To Pieces saga, my overflow pipe is dripping like a mad thing and I don't know why. I can't get in the loft to find out what's going on (and I am not sure I would know what to do when I get up there anyway!). I have a plan. I will IGNORE it.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Going back to the family (a Jethro Tull reference!)

Yesterday I went to see my Nana, Grandad and Uncle. It was my grandad's birthday. It was lovely to see them and I have made a pact with myself to go more often.
On the way back, I drove past the house I used to live in from being 7 to being 13. 83 Fairfield Road. It was small!!! Its a Victorian semi, 4 bedrooms, nice garden, and I remember it as being MUCH bigger than it was. Even the road was narrower,
although as I haven't lived there for 23 years, and there are an awful lot more cars about to use up the space, its not surprising. A lot of my strongest memories lie in that house and I am a bit disturbed that someone else lives in it - it should be a monument to our family!
They have had double glazing put in, but the front door and the little window in the tiny bedroom above the front door are still original. I wonder if it would be too cheeky to go back and ask to see the inside?
Sometimes there is nothing better than sitting around with your family and remembering stuff you used to do. We always spent 2 weeks in North Wales each summer en masse. Me, mum, dad , Nana, Grandad and Simon (my Uncle)always went to Rhos On Sea in a Triumph Toledo (Grandad's) and a Volkswagen Beetle (Dad's) Dad's car had plastic seats which got RED HOT if he parked in the sun and which caused third degree burns if you got in and sat down without remembering to get the rug first....
We played an awful lot of crazy golf, drank a lot of hot chocolate in the local Forte's cafe, and Simon and I virtually lived on the beach. The local swimming pool was an outdoor one, and fed by sea water, and I swear there is nothing colder on the face of the earth than the water in that swimming pool. Its a wonder I am still alive after swimming in that. One year I went swimming in the rain in the sea off the Great Orme. I don't think that's even legal these days!
Happy days.