Sunday, August 23, 2009

The last BBQ

...of this "summer". Not that I am complaining - I like Autumn best, and am always happiest when I know it is on the horizon. I need to do some painting soon, but in the meantime here is a photo or two of yesterday's bbq. The Autumn Cath Kidston catalogue has arrived, which book-ends nicely with the book I am reading, Tove Jansson's The Summer Book.

And him indoors battling with the bbq, with only a Daily Mirror to protect him! My food was mostly paneer marinaded in yoghurt, coriander and chillies. And halloumi. I LOVE halloumi. And there is something very lovely about burnt mushrooms and peppers. :-) Burnt food is GOOD.
Later on we watched "The London that Nobody Knows", a 1960s documentary thing, presented by the wonderful James Mason. Not very long, but very interesting.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good eatin'

Well, here is a first. We toddled off the the Trafford Centre the other week, and for the first time ever, went in a TGI Fridays. I expected crass horridness and generic food, couple with excessively bubbly service. I know the staff are instructed to behave in a hyper fashion, but it can get a little overbearing.

This lot were nice enough, and the food was actually very good indeed. I generally eat veggie when I go out, as I like to know where any meat I am eating has come from, and that it has had a half decent life before being eaten. And here I had the vegetable Quesadilla, and boy it was nice. VERY nice.

A bit of a mix up on the decor front. Not sure if it wants to be a Hard Rock cafe or a 50s diner. Surprisingly nice.

Continuing the chain theme, there was then a visit to Chiquitos (NOT on the same day!!). Again, I played veggie and had refried bean enchilladas and rice. And this was also very nice. Lovely in fact!

I stayed away from the crazy cocktails, as I was driving. Boooo!

Him indoors had a sizzly thing, that arrived on a wooden and iron plate thing that was heated in lava. For several years, judging by the sheer ferocity of the heat coming off it. We played a game whereby we dared each other to touch it, but I chickened out. I didn't want third degree burns.

This blog is turning into a food blog coupled with rubbish mobile pictures. I've had my mobile for a while (years in fact) and its rather elderly now. Its got a rather nifty (bought cheap on Ebay) Cath Kidston little stars cover on it these days. And a dangly charm that keeps catching me in the eye when I answer it. :-)