Saturday, June 30, 2007

Campbell's Pork And Beans

I want to live like this. I really do.


Last night I made paneer pakora and yoghurt chicken, and I would like to say I have had its equal in an Indian resteraunt. I can officially cook Indian food. Well, 2 recipes at least :-)
Paneer pakora is Indian cheese deep fried in batter. Whilst this all sounds horrifically artery clogging, it isnt. Paneer is basically cottage cheese squashed together. The batter was made from chickpea flour and water and a little sunflower oil. Ok, the deep frying part isnt good but its not like I eat it all the time!
We have no chip pan, and havent had since we lived in Whalley Range in 1992, so I had to improvise with the wok and a slotted spoon.
It worked nicely, if a little on the heavy side. Not enough water I think. Tonight him indoors is going to have a crack at cauliflower pakora.
The yoghurt chicken thing is basically chicken cooked in yoghurt with a ginger, chillies and onion paste (which I made in the food processor which I found when I cleared the bottom kitchen cupboard out last week.Its one of those cupboards where you throw things in and they sort of back up against a far wall and hide behind the pans and you forget about them for years....). So that redresses the healthy balance. Except for the large amount of cider I followed it with :-)
I turned the kitchen table round today, as it was a bit of an ordeal eating at it - both of us facing the wall and nowhere to put the paper...and underneath the back bit was a lovely pile of cat furballs, cleverly positioned so they couldnt be seen by the human eye unless the table was moved....
Its been raining all day and the cats have been like fractious children, unable to go out but a little bored. Unlike children they chose to go to sleep. In really impractical places like the top of the stairs, across a doorway, up against the fridge (well you never know when the door will open and that beef thats in there will magically leap out and into your open cat mouth...)

Back soon ^.^

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Voodoo, a birthday and some stuff

We, BornIdle, played at Voodoo in Manchester last Friday. Last time we played it was packed. This time it was not very busy at all. Hey ho. Dont think it was anything to do with us - I hope not anyway! As ever we were brilliant and I wore my Peter Grimm cowboy hat. There are photos on people's phones and cameras and if I ever get my hands on them I will shove them up here.
What else? Oh yes, had a steak fajita in Henry J Beans (the last time I was in one of them was in South Kensington in 1989 and I got thrown out. Actually, I got refused entry in the first place . I can't remember why but it was in my lost year living in London and I was a little wild shall we say...). I made paneer tikka and it was GORGEOUS. I watched Wolf Creek and loved it - excellent serial killer and apparently based on true events. I dont really believe that for one moment but it makes for a scarier film.
Him indoors was 21 again on Friday so I made chicken fajitas (ooo a theme is developing) and we drank fizzy wine and watched rubbish on the telly while he played computer games.
Today we went to Warrington (where I was born and lived till I was 21, and for which I have a 50/50 loathe it/love it feeling), and had a drink in the pub we went to for our first date. It hadnt changed a lot (although the bear in a cage had gone - not a real bear!), and here we are 18 years later.
Shared a chicken and bacon and mozzerella pannini, then went to see the ma in law to collect birthday pressies and show off my new car as she hadnt seen it yet.
And thats about it really. Tomorrow DC79 audition a new singer. I am going along, but I am taking myself off into the fields at the back of the studio to take photos and mess about with my camera. I suppose a beer or two will happen :-)