Saturday, May 21, 2005

Retail Therapy

Well, thanks for your "where are you"s!
To cheer my miserable self up (worried about the health of she that bore me) I took a trip to and bought some totally useless but wonderful things.
In particular this...
Its great!
Last night saw me in Chester, doing my sound engineer thang, and rolling home at 4.00am.
Last Saturday saw me in Ellesmere Port doing the same thing and getting in even later....
All seems to be on the up and up on the mother front, so everyone think nice thoughts in her direction.
I have been doing a whole lot of reading as well recently, mostly the Miss Read Thrush Green books. Now, this seems a very strange choice of literature for one so rock as myself (!), but they are very immersing in a lose yourself in a different world kind of way. I like them.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Dark day so I will make light of it

Stuff happened today which I won't go into. So, on the frivolity side, I still have a black "Barry M" eyeshadow I bought in Kensington Market in 1989 and there is still some left and I still use it.
Me, him indoors and a mate of him indoors once got told to leave "the whole of South Kensington" by a policeman one dark night. Our crime? We had had a few and were singing a bit. Seems quite innocent these days.
I need cheering up.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

This Ole falling apart

On Wednesday the bathroom flooded. Which flooded the kitchen below. Well, not really flooded but unpleasant coloured water dripped through the ceiling. I had to call a plumber. I then had to sit with two saucepans, holding each in turn under the cascade of water that was jetting out from under the toilet, emptying them every 2 minutes and so on and so on. I didn't know where the stop cock was. Eventually I found it, and turned the water off. Noah and his ark went away. The problem was due to a little rubber thingy at the bottom of the toilet perishing. The cost? £160. Insane. I should have been a plumber.
Yesterday, Mr Sam heroically replaced the broken ball cock thingy in the cistern all by himself! This is the man who claims not to be able to actually DO any home improvements, but this was one problem that wasn't going to go away, and we certainly can't afford to get another plumber out!
As I type he is fitting a new bathroom carpet as well! Its green, like the bottom of the sea (he says). I wonder what else I can find for him to do, now he has revealed his true colours....