Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How I learned to stop worrying about *insert your favourite stressy thing here" and shouted a lot instead

Right. I fixed the electric prob in my car. I got SO annoyed and stressed out about it, especially as how the garage said it would need an autoelectrician to fix it, at about £8million a second, that I hit the internet. In my job, I am a professional geek. First thing to do when something goes wrong is reboot it. So I (well, him indoors but I helped, wearing pyjamas and big socks in the middle of the night in the middle of our street) disconnected the battery and reconnected it. And its fixed.

Sold some stuff on Ebay. UNsold my old bass amp. Must try harder.

Jezebel (that's my car's official name) got a valet and is clean for the first time in a year. New tyres and brakes as well. Now I can STOP.

Watched 5 minutes of a film called Ultraviolet. Ultraboring is my verdict. Switched it off and watched an Aerosmith bootleg instead.

Finished the stripey jumper. Here is him indoors modelling it VERY WEIRDLY.

Taught myself to knit on a circular needle. Thanks for the help mum - I am now knitting left handed again :-)

A week on Friday Jezebel goes for her MOT at the same place she got her electrics condemned as unfixable by mere mortals. I am going to enjoy telling them all about it........

The hall remains unpainted. Who wants to paint when there is red wine in the world?

The shouting? I shouted at just about anyone in earshot this last week. I do feel better!

Rock on girls and boys )0(

Saturday, March 10, 2007

More bills

Well, car number 1 has been in for its MOT and it failed. Dodgy suspension something or other and a couple of iffy tyres. £239 put that right. Ace.
Car number 2 (mine) has no speedo and no rev counter and no fuel guage, due to an electrical fault, and the garage at the bottom of the road can't fix it so its got to go to an auto electrician or something similar. In the mean time, I don't know how fast I am going, how much fuel is in my car- and the damn trip is still working so its not even free miles! I have discovered its NOT an MOT fail (my MOT is due at the end of the month), so I will have to live with it for a short time. I did buy new wheel trims, new wiper blades and some "things" which you attach trims to the side of your car with. Mine fell off over a year ago and its only now I am getting round to putting it back ON. I say putting it back on, I mean all the new stuff is in my boot WAITING to be attached to the car. I have lost the will to live where cars are concerned.
The drummer in my band sent me a text today. On Thursday night after rehearsal, he was going home and his car set on fire. Just like that! He is ok. I dont think his car is. Will find out more tomorrow.
Due to all the expenditure and hassle, we went to the KFC for dinner and had a couple of pints on the way back, where we sat in the pub and did the Daily Mail cryptic crossword. I can't believe the Daily Mail is in my house. Its a wonder it didn't spontaneously combust as it went over the threshold. Good free DVD though - Alice in Wonderland. That one with Miranda Richardson in it. And Whoopi Goldberg is the Cheshire Cat.
I have finally started painting the hall. It will take 2 coats I have discovered, so thats twice the depression about it. My DIY tip - never paint your hall dark pink because its a bugger to paint over unless you are going darker, and I am not. I am going "desert". Thats like a creamy magnolia. I dont know, it was cheap in Focus so I bought it.
The great Ebay selling frenzy starts now as well. I have got a new bass head (in my defence I sold my old one first!), but we are potless, so if its not moved for a month, its on Ebay. That'll be the cats then. I don't think they have moved in a year.
Him indoors is parting with one of his beloved Marshall speakers. Ok, he has a LOT of them, and this one hasnt moved out of the upstairs "studio" for over a year, but its still very brave of him to sell anything music related. I suspect he may be considering buying something. Something EXPENSIVE.
Till next time chitlings... x

Monday, March 05, 2007

Why I hate my STREET part 1

Well, I don't actually hate it - I like it at night when no one is about. I like it on weekdays (not that I am there that much at that time) when there is no-one about. I like the neighbours. I do NOT like the neighbour's children. This is going to sound SOOO old lady, but I cannot stand kids playing out in the street. I realise thats a very unpopular view these days, what with a pervert in every bush and all that, but screeching hoards (well, three or four of them) running around all over the show, especially at silly o clock on a Sunday morning, really cheeses me off.
And the bloody house itself - duff chimney, no fire, Victorian boiler, rattling windows, dog eared carpets (cat eared actually), the toilet flush with the temperament of Lily Allen, the ghost ; I am fed up of it all.
And then FINALLY him indoors decides we can move! Three cheers etc.
Then I find out how much the bank will lend us, how much it will all cost, what I can GET for that pittance, how worthless my house actually IS, and it looks like moving wont be that much of an option after all.
I have now turned into one of those people who pin their hopes on winning the lottery. Except I wont.
And its all bills this month as well. The AA cards are due, phone bill, credit card, 2 cars needing work prior to MOTs, car tax, electric bill - you name it and I have a bill for it this month.
Bleughhhhh. That's how I feel.