Sunday, April 22, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

Insurance companies

Well, I have sacked Direct Line's insurance people re my crash and gone with my mate's company for the whole of the claim. An assessor will come and view the damage this week. Meanwhile I am in week 2 of the hire car, who I have named Claire.
Hopefully I will be purchasing a semi-aged car at the weekend and then the long wait for the money to come in starts. I hope I get enough to cover everything - its been a right hassle and my neck is killing me today...whinge whinge whinge etc.
I am thinking a blue or a black car would be nice.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Feeling better

Yes I do. I am not relishing the insurance company nightmare ahead but in myself I feel a lot better. Physically I am not too bad at all and mentally - well I have stopped being avenging angel style angry with the other party in the accident. Sooo, last weekend I got taken out for Sunday lunch (and oh dear I couldnt drive could I, so may as well have a drink) and today we went out for dinner (ok it was KFC but still...) and a leisurely pint on the way home.

Its been so damn WARM this weekend I will be forced to mow the lawn shortly and I have washed EVERYTHING we own so the pile of stuff to put away is immense. I dont mind washing clothes or drying them or even ironing them! but I hate putting them away. Its second only to changing the duvet cover in the evilness of housework stakes.

The cats have a love/hate relationship with nice weather. They love it because they are old and like to lie in the sun and keep warm, but they HATE it because they get TOO hot and are too lazy to move/get a drink and just lie then and shout at you until one of us picks them up and moves them/shovels food and drink into them/makes a fuss. Then they go and lie somewhere cooler until they feel like annoying us again and shift back into a hot spot and start the shouting again.....

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Think before you post

The last post was NOT the last post about cars. My car, Jezebel, is dead, and I wasnt far from being that myself on Monday evening.
Coming out of work I was driving along a road, 40 limit but I always do 20 because sometimes lorries come out of a side road and they cant stop in time at the give way - its a really quiet road. So there I am doing 20 and out of the side road where the give way is shoots this IDIOT WOMAN doing about 50 and I cant stop in time so I just smash straight into her.
Thats the end of my car. Wrecked. Totalled. A write-off - however you describe it. I am a bit retentive about wearing a seatbelt so I didnt go through the windscreen or anything, but I didnt half hurt my shoulder and my neck and my collar bone.
The IDIOT WOMAN stopped her car and ran back to see if I was ok (she carried on up the road - I was in a steaming, smoking wreck in the middle of the road still) and I wrenched my door open and started running up the road to do dreadfull things to her - only my legs gave way and I had to sit in the road. The IDIOT WOMAN obviously thought I was dead and she got out of her car to come back and check on me, and her car started rolling backwards, her open driver's door getting torn off by a lampost and her friend in the back jumping out and running for cover.....
Anyway, the police came, I got breathalysed (negative naturally!), a garage came and towed my car away and my boss took me home.
Then the fun started. I am only 3rd party f and t on my car, so I had to pay for the car to be towed back to a garage, then towed back OUT again the next day and taken to storage - which I have to also pay for. I had 3 days off work and I had to walk to the doctors to get diagnosed as having a duff shoulder and whiplash. And I have to go to work ON THE COACH on Tuesday and then hire a car while I wait to get the money for mine. Which will be a fifth of the amount of finance I owe on it, so I will be paying for a car for 2 years that I dont HAVE anymore.
The IDIOT WOMAN was in a work's car so they will just have given her another one and she can go about her business as if nothing had happened, whilst I am injured, shaken up and out of pocket - and it wasnt my fault!
Yes I am still alive and not badly damaged, but I am as mad as hell about the whole thing.....
I am obviously physically tougher than I thought as I am not so bad now, but mentally I was a mess this week. I used to think people who got flashbacks and couldnt sleep and stuff like that were a little bit feeble - but those things and more have been happening to ME this week so I have had a rethink on that one. Lessons learned? Dont buy a car on finance. Dont have third party insurance. Things to be glad about? I am a good, careful driver and I can survive things.
Hey ho. Back to the "knitting as therapy" cure. And cider :-)
Be careful out there folks.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hopefully the last post about cars for a bit

Jezebel got a service and passed her MOT so thats that for now. Just got the new hub caps to put on and I may treat her to a steering wheel cover to go with the fluffy dice.
I have STARTED PAINTING THE HALL PROPERLY. Actually I am doing the landing and its bloody hard work. Its a really tall landing and I cant for the life of me think how I painted the bits at the top last time, because I just cant reach, and I dont think I have shrunk....
Also spent a lot of time with a scrubbing brush removing cat hair from the bathroom carpet.
Now that we have definately decided to move I want to get the place in a semi non-squalid state or only mental cases will want to buy it.
Last night was another DC/79 gig. The hard drinking Hungarian was standing in again, which was good fun. I didnt fall off anything, break anything or do anything embarrasing and it wasnt even silly o clock when we got in for once.
Went to the local yesterday to find it had been taken over by new landlords! Again!! Thats about 7 in the last 7 years.
It looks pretty much the same as it always has - may amble down there later and investigate properly. Purely for research purposes you understand!
I am knitting a shrug, which is a cardi with no back, or something like that. Its looking really weird at the moment - I cant imagine how its going to go together. Still, it will fit the cat if I dont like it.