Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Couldnt resist...

Me and my ma

And you know that film Total Recall? Where Kuato turns out to be that guy in the other guy's chest? Apparently I was the model for him.....

Memory Lane part deux

My mum and dad sent me a load of slides to scan in and convert to jpegs. I have done a few and here is a lo-res one for your delight. Its me and my mum in 1968. Isn't she BEAUTIFUL? If I was them I would have taken me back.
To make it fair, here's my dad (in improbable wellies) and me in the snow circa 1968.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Memory Lane

Today the builders cut all the cables to our office. It was a NIGHTMARE but a very boring technical nightmare to everyone NOT in our office, so instead here is a picture of my street in 1963.
The door above the smallest kid's head is my front door. I wasn't even alive then!
Apart from the lack of cars, and that nice lamp, its pretty much the same. Only its in colour these days.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


The building in which I work is a three story "managed business centre", which means there are loads of different businesses in there, and they have a shared reception and post people and a cafe and all that kind of jazz. Except it isn't now as the owners are turning it into flats and have turfed everyone out. Except US.
My company has firm links with the management and we provide services for lots of their OTHER businesses as well, so they deemed it prudent to keep us where they knew where we were, ie in the building. We are moving to the ground floor in August, into a new office (the ground floor is going to be us, their accounts department and a cafe/bar thing). In the mean time though the building is being demolished around me and as we are on floor one and floors two and three barely have WALLS anymore, its a risky business.
See this? See that black hole at the end? My office is beyond there....

See this? This was painted on the wall outside my office on Monday morning. To keep the builders from trying to smash it down apparently, but I must admit I came over all "The Village" when I saw it....

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Snak Attack

I have managed to get through a whole day forgetting to buy cat food. This NEVER usually happens. Before I go any further, the cats had chicken breast for breakfast, and smoked ham and cat biscuits and a bit of tuna for tea, but I was anxious that there was nothing for their supper. And for some unknown reason, I forgot right up until 9.50pm and the shop shuts at 10.00pm and I had a glass of cider so I couldn't drive.Ok, its only round the corner, BUT I had just come out of the bath and was mid way through an MSN messenger chat with my ma, and I had to rustle up some clothes and quick. The result? Bag lady from planet grebo-hell. Rob Zombie would have run away from me.
1 x Rancid zip up hoodie, four sizes too big for me. 1 x pair of brown pants, three sizes too long for me. 1 x pair denim, backless slip on gardening shoes. Hair? Scrunched back on top of the head and held up with a cable tie...Oh, and one eye full of mascara, the other all clean ( I am fair and dont HAVE visible eyelashes normally).
Anyway, I made the shop and the pretty Asian eleven year girl old serving didn't bat an eye lid, not even when I spotted the Mexican Cheese and Chilli flavour potato skins. Mmmmmmmm. 10 bags of THOSE thankyou very much.
On the way home a man crossed the road to avoid me. Result!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Evenin' All

My rear light is broken. I noticed it in Cost Co's car park, where we went today. For those of you who dont know what Cost Co IS, its a members only "buy loads of stuff in bulk like Mayonnaise in buckets" place. I have sellotaped it up but I dont know how it happened. Mr next door but one works for a scrapyard so he is going to look out for a replacement for me.
Last night we went to the pictures to see The League of Gentlemen film, and it was very dark, very weird and very funny. There were only about 6 people in the whole place and we had a really good time. I would be interested to know what (if anything) you American people people make of The League fo Gentlemen. Do you get it over there?
I got a new pc chez Faery Towers and its very very very good. Natch, I got it through work, and therefore cheaporama, but I cannot describe how mega brilliant it is.
Bit of a drought on the gigging front at the moment, and no football now the season has finished, so I am hoping for some interesting weekends. Not this weekend though. The white van man's van developed a dead starter motor so that had to be replaced, at stupid cost. I don't mind though. I am a happy camper simply messing about at home, pottering about, doing nothing that has any purpose. I have never been the sort of person that feels the need to DO stuff at the weekend just because its thought that you should do constructive, day out, educational things in your spare time. Give me a garden to doss about in, some books to read, a kitchen to burn things in, some nice wine and the internet and that makes me happy. One of these days I may turn into a normal person. Just not yet.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Tuesday night's alright for fighting....

Ooooo high drama and rock and roll!
The ACDC band did a gig last night and the singer declined as usual to get in the van with the rest of the band, but went on the train. By himself. To virtually the other side of the country. En route he indulged in all manner of legal and non legal chemicals, and by the time he arrived, he looked like a wizened little garden gnome, and made as much sense as one as well. He then proceeds to have a right go at t'other guitarist for most of the night and almost doesnt do the gig. And when he DOES, he abuses the audience and sounds dreadful and all together mucks things up.
So, after the gig, he has one last go at the poor guitarist and then slinks out of the door and off into the night. At which point the other guitarist snaps and goes legging it off after him. Now, the singer is five feet four or so, old and dreadfully unfit. And the guitarist is 6 feet two of professional sportsman. The outcome could have been pretty bad but the other guitarist obviously thought the same, and managed . to not do anything to him.
On the way home, we saw the (now EX) singer wobbling down the road by himself, miles from home and its all his own fault.
Sooooo, they are now singlerless, so if anyone knows a northwest England based Bon Scott impersonator, let me know!
I am on my holidays this week, and there were two more gigs earlier in the week, and some DIY and today is him indoors 40th, so he is getting spoiled a bit. He is keeping it low key (especially after yesterday!). We went to the pub for our dinner and we had two starters rather than a full meal, as we are going to the fantastic Nawaab tonight, and I am glad we only DID have starters because the portions were massive! Crushed new potatoes with bacon and cheese, and spicy wedges, breaded mushrooms and other little fiddly things. Mmmmmm.