Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Poor Felix

One of the moggies, Felix, is a bit under the weather. Being 15 she is getting on a bit, and she has developed an aversion to walking anywhere. She is quite happy to hit Harvey, the other moggie, eat copius amounts of food and loll about in the litter tray, but walking now seems to be off the agenda, unless it involves eating, fighting or weeing.


I take it all back. She has just jumped down from the kitchen table, sprinted across the floor and disappeared through the catflap into the rainy night. Cats. WHY?

Sunday, August 15, 2004

My Cats Have Fleas

How on earth do you get rid of cat fleas? We have tried collars, spray, powder, everything, and still they live. I have combed and combed and washed and washed the cats but still the damn things refuse to die.
The house is flea-free. The cats aren't.
On a more creative note I have made a patchwork cushion cover for my chair at work, now that we are back in our real office. Oh, I didn't say what happened! We got flooded. The building we work from is having flats put on the top and there is a temporary roof. Which didnt stand up to the torrential rain, and caved in. Although we are on the first floor of three, it got right into our office and all our ceiling tiles fell in. Water was cascading through the ceiling and I had to run around like a lunatic trying to move anything expensive and putting buckets under the worst of the leaks.
We hung out in a cupboard - sorry, temporary office - for a couple of days, and on Friday we moved back into the old one. Which is a lot tidier, a lot cleaner and a lot less like it was pre-flood. It doesn't take much to change the ambience of a room, and even though I have only been out of it a few days, it seems like an alien office - like I have set up my desk in someone else's office without their permission.
At least nothing of a personal nature was damaged. I have a lot of STUFF on my desk, which all pulled through unscathed.
I have also been playing Doom3, which runs a bit slow due to the somewhat ancient nature of my graphics card, but I liked the atmosphere and the monsters. Sadly, it hasn't lived up to its expectations ( at least in my mind). I am a devotee of the first 2 Doom games, and 3 doesn't seem to be of the same stuff as the first two. I can't explain WHY - it's just not the same. It doesn't seem to be related to the first two, and while I am all for great graphics and a good story, it seems too much like everything else out there in first person shoot 'em up land, rather than being about uniqueness and playability like the first two were.