Thursday, April 23, 2009

Things and that

Well, yesterday was my birthday! We went into Manchester in the morning, and then I bought a shed load of cheap dvds and books from HMV and Fopp. Best of all, I got the film Paperhouse, Stardust (not the David Essex one, good though that is) , Dracula Has Risen from the Grave, Dracula AD 1972...the list goes on. Also got A delia Smith summer cooking collection, The Great Gatsby and Fast Food Nation.

Mum and Dad got me a smashing book called The Fantasy Art of Josephine Wall, which is absolutely beautiful.

I had a halloumi pitta in the Arnadale Market food bit, and we had a drink in the Hard Rock Cafe, which has all changed around and they have some new stuff in at last.

Then it was onto another pub near our house, and then him indoors cooked "yellow fish" for tea, which is smoked fish in a sort of milky spicy sauce thing. With crusty bread and some fizzy plonk.

And that was it really. Very nice and lazy and chilled out. :-)

So, happy day after birthday to me!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Monday Monday

I am in work early today, and I now have living proof that I am rubbish at mornings. Or, at any rate, weekday mornings. I can get up early at the weekend, even if I have been up late. But it is a titanic struggle to actually do it in the week. I HAVE to sometimes, and in the current economic climate it is in my best interests not to mess work about, but I am sooo tired! :-)Or maybe it is my advancing age. I now find myself making lists of things to do in case I forget. Which is increasingly likely....