Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Last/Lost Weekend

Blimey, it was a good 'un! Friday was a DC/79 gig, and in the afternoon two friends came over from Bristol, although they are Hungarian, not Bristolian, and we met them at the gig, the Moses Gate in Bolton. Great gig. Much beer was taken, and I was on sound duties again. Apres gig, said Hungarians were dispatched to the drummers house, and the following afternoon they repaired chez Rock Towers, where the festivities commenced in the local pub. Dinner was lovingly prepared by Czilla, and we had paprika and dumpling sausage stew and Tokai wine, and then got down to the more English pursuits of drinking Fosters and watching Match of the Day.....
Sunday lunch was spent in yet another hostelry, where fish pie, shicken caeser salad, steak and a tuna melt was taken. This time only I was still drinking.....
There was a gig on the Sunday evening in Holywell, North Wales, but it was cancelled because the PA provided by the venue was virtually non-existant. More drink was taken, and I moved onto red wine this time. The journey back to England was spent attempting to speak in disjointed Hungarian (me) and very good English (by the Hungarians). And it rained and rained as well.
Monday morning was a little bleugh as I had to be up for work, but all in all an excellent weekend. For once, the cats deigned to speak to our vistors, and roamed around various ankles, getting in the way and demanding food and being spoken to in Hungarian, which they responded to MUCH better than they have to anything I have said in English EVER.
I could have done with a nice early night on Monday, but Leeds was underwater (or at least part of my route home was, as Armley gyratory flooded yet again) so I didnt get back till 8pm and missed the Archers and everything.
Tonight me and him indoors went out to the pub for our tea. They dont serve food after 8pm, whihc we didnt know, so we went to another and this one didnt either. So it was chips for him, and the end of a sausage for me. Having said that, due to lack of food, I can now go in the bath and eat cheese without feeling guilty! :-)
My life seems to revolve around music,reading, food and drinking. Maybe not such a bad thing in these gloomy days of knife culture, anti social behaviour and impending cultural meltdown. When I go to Hungary, I may not come back (assuming I can get the cats passports)....

Only joking , mum!