Saturday, April 22, 2006

Birthday Girl

Its my birthday and I'll (paraphrased to fit actual events) pressies/go to the pub/drink cider/watch Doctor Who/go for a curry if I want to!I am up to the drink cider bit currently. Me and the BOOTS are going for a curry in a bit :-)

Monday, April 17, 2006

Just checking in

Been busy recently. Last Thursday we went to see friends who were over from Ireland. On the Friday we drove to the other end of the country to see ma and pa. We got half way back (Nuneaton to be precise) and stopped overnight in a Butlins style Motel, complete with Corby trouser press. The next day we went to see ma-in-law, and on Sunday evening a mate came round. Today its jut me and the cats and a wind down. I also got a pair of NEW ROCK BOOTS!! Yay! They are FAB - dead comfy and a bit scary and they add about 3 inches to my height. However, they were so expensive that I shall never be buying a pair of boots ever again.... And I found these two links today: 50s style housewifery and addictive gaming cute (in a Happy Kitty Bunny Pony way!)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

This week.....

I have mostly been working, but the boss is back (complete with a toy stuffed Camel for me- my choice:he isnt that kind of man) so normal service will be resumed. Had hotdogs last night. Now, I like a proper hot dog,not those out of tins,and I like them with mayo,hot mustard, chilli sauce and cheese slices. All together. The buns take on a very interesting colour with all that lot mixed up. On our regular charity shop trawls in Chorlton (before it got a Subway), we used to go to a place that did proper grilled hotdogs with toasted buns.They were dead long as well. MmmMmmMmm. You can tell I am going out for my tea again can't you :-)
Its Nawab again. Only this time we are getting a taxi so we can have a bottle of wine and both drink and thus avoid the "its your turn to drive" arguments which usually culminate in him indoors bringing up the fact that when I passed my driving test I said I would be happy to drive us everywhere. That was 8 years ago! Why on earth does he think that I still mean what I said???
I have turned the back bedroom into a music room. Every bit of musical gear we own is now up there, apart from my bass rig and his Marshall setup (as these are in regular gig/rehearse mode and therefore would beUNBEARABLE to carry up and down stairs every five minutes), and I didnt realise we had so much! A couple of guitars remain downstairs for convenience (its nice to know one is to hand when you want to churn out a few bars of something or other) and the hall is still crowded with speakers, but the keyboard is plugged in and ready to go should we fancy a quick whirl. I struggle though. My left hand will not obey me when the right hand joins in. On its own its fine. Maybe its like that film "The Beast With Five Fingers" and its not reallyMY hand at all.....