Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hungary - Part 1

Well, it was pure Spinal Tap but everyone came back alive - just. Poor old Mr me got blood poisoning (due to sliding across a stage and cutting his leg open) and had to be brought back on the plane in a wheel chair! He is now an invalid for a short time as he cant walk and is feverish and I am his nurse. Hmmmm.
I think its best told in pictures.

27 and a half hours to get there (5 men, 1 woman - me!) in a Mercedes Sprinter..This is waiting for the ferry at Dover.

Where we stayed was fab. And £150 for 11 days! Between 5 of us! Some of the entourage (which got to be a very BIG entourage by the end of it. That's me in the red pants!).

Just to prove they did actually DO some gigs...

There are more but I need to find where I have hidden them on the other computer. More anon.....

Friday, November 02, 2007