Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Attic

Today we bought a big ladder and went in the loft. Let my clarify. We bought a big ladder. Only one of us went in the attic, and it wasnt me.
We have lived here for 6 years, and this is the first time we have been up there. Its a very old house, the loft is very high up and the hole to get in there is very small. So him indoors goes up there (in his old mechanic overalls circa mid 80s - he is very pleased to note they more or less fit) and what does he find? The water tank that is overfilling (the reason for the journey up there in the first place), some old Christmas decorations which "you wouldnt like" so they didnt make it down. But then he finds some bags and boxes of stuff that isnt ours and down it all comes. Into the bath, as its all covered in layers of black dust, and what have we found? Someone's entire life, in cards and mementos. Well not their whole life but lots of cards and some Christmas wrapping paper from the 70s, and a pink plastic rosary, some Miners make up from the early 80s ; loads of things really. I think they belonged to the people we bought the house off but I dont know where they moved to so I can't contact them, and I assume (sadly) that they either forgot this stuff or didn't want it anymore.
When I can get near my scanner I will scan in some cracking 70s Christmas cards, and an amazing Avon "points" catalogue for Avon ladies from the early 80s. Yes, I have kept anything keepable and in decent condition. More to follow.
In fact, I will post them here as there are lots of them. Here are a few to start with.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Those pictures I promised

Here is the dinosaur and the table legs from that club in Bolton.

Those were the days

Ok guys, my mum found this. Its me and him indoors circa 1991. He's the blonde. Hehehehehe.
The doggy is Monty, the parent's everlasting pom.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

New Office

The new office at work is a portacabin in the middle of a building site. Its actually quite cosy. Very hot though. I have a hard hat. It looked a bit plain so its now got ACDC written on it in blue marker pen. And it says "Sam's Hat" on it as well. Its amazing what people will nick if you don't write your name on things.
What have I been up to? I watched the tribute band audition a new singer (watch this space), and I went to a Beefeater (not at the same time!). A Beefeater is a steak and chips type pub, only they seem to have gone up in the world since I last went in one as it has a seperate "dining area" and it wasnt that cheap. I had steak with stilton and red wine and bacon sauce, and chips, and him indoors had steak and onion rings and salad. Not very inventive but mucho 70s I thought.
Last night I went out playing sound engineer for the tribute band, and it was a good night, but a very late night, and I didnt get in till almost 6am. And today I had to ferry the stand in singer back to Wales where he lives, which I don't mind at all but I was VERY VERY TIRED and I still am.
Stopped for a Wimpy on the way home. I had forgotten that you could get a hot dog in bun meal thingy - I have never had one and it didn't look very appetising so I was boring and had a cheesburger.
I am too tired to think, so this is all for now folks. I did take some photos of the club from last night which I will post when I get them off the other pc. They had a dinosaur in the garden, and the table legs were ...erm... legs with stockings and suspenders on!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

In my spare time....

Please go here:
and click on the "vintage lounge" button. Its a work in progress.
See, I have hobbies....