Friday, July 30, 2004


Jezebel continues to be a joy as a car. The ma in law had a go as well. I got a rise at work. Things are nice. Happy girl!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

I have a new car. She is called Jezebel. She is a W reg Citroen Saxo and she has a yellow gear lever. And the seatbelts are different colours. Lovely lovely new car.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

All bad things come at once....

I have given up with the heating. It will stay cold downstairs. There are always jumpers anyway. Darlene has gone round the clock - I watched it happen. And now her exhaust is on its way out. And I need a new gas fire in the front room because the old one is non-functional. And I haven't got any money to repair the heating, buy a car or get a new fire.
If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all, as they saying goes. Actually its not THAT bad when you weigh it all up, and it could be worse. At least I HAVE a house to go wrong on me. At least I HAVE a car (just) that is losing its vital organs one by one.
I have almost run out of things to sell on Ebay as well.
We went to see Shrek 2 last Saturday - it was ace! There were plenty of adult orientated jokes and references in it, and the kid level funny bits were just as good. Although I did want Fiona to kiss Shrek before midnight so they could both stay beautiful and not turn into ogres again. Lets be realistic about it, people. What would you rather be? Ogre or pretty princess?