Saturday, May 19, 2007

Random phone pictures

My phone is full of rubbish so I am clearing it out. Its not a great camera (I use my phone to SPEAK to people mostly!) but here are some random images.
This is a view from Mr Thomas's Chop House in Manchester. On my birthday.

This was me in Frankie and Benny's a little later on :-)This is a record/cd/dvd stall in Manchester that's been there for EVER and everything is so tightly packed together its a nightmare to browse through it all. Quality sign :-)

And finally, my laptop as of, well, right now. Listening to the Archers and doing the shaping for the yellow thing. Front and back done. Just the arms to go!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Middle age

I am getting distinctly middle aged. I am not quite there yet but not far off. Its more of an attitude. I get it off my dad I think. I get so CROSS about things these days. Little things. Not the huge things, like why Tony Blair is an idiot, why George Bush is a BAD thing - you know the kind of thing I mean. I am cross because Morrisons card machines keep breaking and you have to sign for things and have another method of ID to prove who you are. Ok, I wear jeans and a leather jacket and I am a bit... scruffy... but I dont shoplift or have a stolen debit card so why make things hard for me?? I am cross that the man in the petrol station does NOT turn the pump on for about 5 minutes when you stand there with the thing in your hand trying to put petrol in your car and he is on his mobile phone - and I am sure you aren't supposed to use mobiles in petrol stations anyway. I am cross because PowerGen are incapable of taking my meter reading that I submit on line and just bill me random, mad amounts. I am cross because every other call I get at home is stupid sales people trying to flog me mobiles and conservatories and I am supposedly registered with that thing thats supposed to STOP those calls. I am cross because of flies that come in when you have the back door open so your old cats can wander in and out and then just die on the windowsill and fall behind things and you find little decayed corpses three weeks later. I am cross because I HATE housework and I have to clean my kitchen now when I would rather be knitting and drinking wine and watching a horror film. GAH.

Monday, May 07, 2007

You can never leave....

Yesterday was a DC/79 gig at the Hotel California in Birkenhead. They should have been on at 2am (!!!!!) but re-negotiated to 10.15pm due to singer having to be in Wales by 2am.
Its a smashing place. Its here:
Well, I watched a band or two in the outside bit and I ate a sirloin steak burger with onions in the outside barbecue and I chatted with mates and I drank Castlemaine XXXX and I drank Jaegermeister (or how ever you spell it) shots delivered by women dressed up as german frauleins and i danced about a bit to DC/79 and took some dodgy photos and I had a laugh and went to bed in the hotel room reserved for the band upstairs at about 3am...
It was fun :-)
This morning I was a little tired. To revive myself I had to buy a ham and cheeses sandwich from the garage and get reminded by a policeman that there was no News of The World today because its Monday - it doesnt FEEL like a Monday!!!!!
ANyway, had the now traditional 2 pints the day after a gig, and here I am. I should be knitting. But I bet I fall asleep soon.
Oooo, watched Pan's Labyrinth on Saturday night. Fantastic film. Can't recommend it highly enough. Go and see it if you can.

Friday, May 04, 2007

And the band played on

I have a new car. I dont really want to go on about it as look what happened last time I did! Anyway, she is called Sheena and she is a red Hyundai Accent 3.1SI. She isnt new but she is new to me so thats the important thing.
The claim rolls on although it looks like I am not going to get an argument from the other side because they admitted liability yesterday so that's good. I am feeling a bit hypocritical about the whole thing. Sort of. Then I remember what happened and I get cross again. It genuinely WASNT my fault so think I am due back the money I have lost because of it.
My birthday day/night out was a good one. We went into town and had a few pints and bought some nasties and some second hand horror novels and had some more drinks and went to Frankie and Bennys and had a "shared platter" (I HATE that word platter) and then met some friends and drank a bit more and then went back to our house and watched old videos of my band at various gigs and the next day I felt fine, which is surprising for a woman of my now advanced age!