Saturday, October 22, 2005


Very sadly, my mother in law's elderly dog, Jet, passed away on Friday. She was 16 and things were just a little too much for her. She will be sadly missed.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Just relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Have i ever relaxed this weekend or what?
Friday night, home from work early, peppery chicken burgers for tea, lots of cider, bit of telly, bath, reading, crocheting, bed.....
Saturday I didn't get up till 12pm. Quick shop then lazy afternoon playing computer games, then England beat Antartica or someone, then garlic and mustard turkey for tea, then lots of cider and plum wine and the film "A Shark's Tale".....
Sunday? Up at 10am and off to a greasy spoon for coffee and toast, then a quick jaunt to the ma in laws to visit her aged dog and drop a birthday pressie off for the niece, then a pint in a couple of pubs on the way home ( I wasn't driving!), then after a quick mooch about at home, a walk down the big hill to the pub at the bottom for tea. Smothered chicken filled with cheese, salad and new potatoes, and a couple more pints, and here I am, after a nice cinnamon flavoured bath, watching Heartbeat and becoming a vegetable.
AND I am about to buy a satin pencil skirt on ebay. Oh the decadence.....

Friday, October 07, 2005

Sexism is alive and well and ...funny :-)

If you didn't all know, I work in I.T. On the frontline as it were. We support numerous small to medium sized businesses and business centres, we are an ISP, we do telecomms systems, we do the lot in fact. My email address is sam@. Colleagues refer to me as "Sam". Soooo most people who haven't dealt with me think I am a man. They really do. I don't mind this at all. Because 99% of people, when they find out I am NOT, just think ok, not a man, and carry on. However, 1% (and sorry guys, but its always GUYS that do this) think "oh , not a man" and then SAY "I thought you were a man!" About 99% of THIS lot then just get on with it. But not some. Some (and again, its usually guys, and usually youngish guys who are ALSO in I.T) get on their high horse and try and out-technical me in sometimes quite unpleasant ways. They never WIN but they try. It's sooo amusing. I have a smashing boss who gives me leeway to be as rude or sarcastic as I like to those that try to demean me. The other day, I got a classic.
Technical man - "I want to speak to someone about pointing our website to a different place".
Me - " I can do that for you. Which domain is it and can you email the details please, plus authority from the domain registrant?"
Technical man - "It's ok, I will call back when someone in authority is in."
ME - "As its me who will be doing this for you, I therefore HAVE the authority. "
Technical man - "No its ok, I will call back when someone important is in".
That really happened.
10 minutes later, the owners of the domain call, full of apologies and its all resolved.
The click...brrrr hangup was ME, not him, if you were wondering.