Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday dear meeeeeee
Happy birthday to me!

Monday, April 18, 2005


or however you spell it...
I have developed an obsession with the Neil Diamond version of Chelsea Morning (Joni Mitchell).
Its GREAT. Help me.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Where's the feather then?

Ok guys. I told my mum and she believed me. I told him indoors and he went, hmm, yeah yeah, ok, let me tell you about how crap my boss is, so I am going to tell you all today's spooky story.
This morning I am driving along the motorway to work. Its darkish and pouring with rain and you can hardly see for the spray from trucks and things. I was in the middle lane, doing about 65mph, overtaking a lorry, when out of nowhere I hear a woman's voice say "isn't it dark? you would think they would put the motorway lights on wouldn't you? i'd get in the inside lane if I was you."
I was so surprised I actually looked to my left because I thought there was a woman in the car with me (no, I didnt stop to think how a woman could have GOT in my car...)Of course, there was no woman, but I was so freaked out I did indeed pull into the inside lane....and seconds later the car that would have been in front of me if I HADN'T pulled in ran right into the back of the car in front of him. If I had still been behind him, I would have run into the back of HIM and there would have been a bit of a nasty crash. But I didn't because I wasn't there because the woman told me not to be.
Work THAT one out.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Hi Guys

Well, its been a while. Life is that thing that happens when you are making plans. I have had a lot of life recently.
Truth is, I haven't been 100% on the emotional front. I blame it on all those full moons.
Nothing happened, I just felt a bit blahhhhh. Now I am coming out of it and getting back on track. Its rubbish really. I have my family, my health, my friends, a job, cheese in the fridge and wine in the bottle so I shouldn't feel so yuk, but thats female life I spose. Bet you wouldnt catch a man feeling like that!
SO, what have I been up to? More pretend band photography and sound stuff. An embarrassing video camera incident filled night (tip - never give a drunk woman in 5 inch heels a video camera to film your gig. She may take it to the toilet with her and forget to turn it off....nah, that didnt happen but it NEARLY did!)
Work rolls on in its usual indomitable, hectic fashion. I have been shouting a lot at work, but only in the direction of those that deserve it. Its a small team (eugh, I HATE that term) and everyone has their bit to do, so if you don't DO your bit, I shout. Its simple really.
My mum has had me a tad worried on the health front, so all think nice thoughts at her.
Mr Me has had it in the neck for the last coupla weeks, just for being a MAN, which isn't fair but understandable :-)
I taught myself to play some tunes on the guitar, I have NEARLY finished making a tank top (yes! a TANK TOP!)and on the whole its been a busy time, full of stuff and a muddled head.
A moment of clarity in bath this evening and I think I am back to normal. Sort of..