Monday, February 27, 2006

When cats go bad

Imagine the scene. Its Sunday night. I am feet up, glass of wine, nice bit of cheese to hand, him indoors is pootling around with a cd he recorded of his band, the laptop is on my knee, I am surfing around Ebay and all is well. Oooooo three minutes from the end of an auction for something Holly Hobbie-esque which I REALLY want and is dirt cheap.. and nature calls.
I place laptop carefully on floor and go to bathroom. I return to find THIS has happened...

I lost the auction. No, this is NOT cute. This is .


pure cat evil.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Camera Phone

The first mobile phone I got was back in the "brick" days, and was a provided by work one. I was a bit scared of it. How things have changed. I now have a TINY phone and I am not a bit scared of it . It also does nice tunes and takes pictures, although its not too hot at that. I ran out of room on it the other day so I cleaned all the pictures out. So here are some to look at.
We are cats and we love the microwave. More fool you for moving everything off it and trying to clean it. Its ours now. OURS we tell you....


Look at me! I smile and I am not photoshopped!

This is the toilet of our latest fave eatery, Nawaab on Oldham Road. Obviously its not the actual toilet itself, just the kind of ante room to the toilet, but its very glam for a loo.

And finally, moi, taking a photo of myself reflected in the wobbly mirror of the above establishment.

And finally AGAIN, my fluffy dice.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The rythym of life...

is relentless. I haven't had two seconds to rub together recently. The bathroom tiles are ALMOST painted. I have ammassed cushion material. I have read a LOT. There was a cancelled gig last night, so some chums came round and we had a merry time. Today I bought lightbulbs. Yesterday we went to Gorton market, and they have a real life car boot sale at the side of it. Not a trader in sight. I got 2 Patches annuals and a Photo Love annual (all early 80s) for a quid each, and him indoors got a Mike Harding album in mint condition for another quid. Result!
We got me a new front door key cut (in a Bionic Woman type episode, I broke mine in the door!), and that's about it really.
Here is my office (or at least a bit of my desk). More like a home from home really.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Hard to spell but easy to set up. I run several different machines and photos are spread all over the place. Trying to get them together is a nightmare. So I set up a Flickr account. That way, if I ever go mental and delete them all, they will still live SOMEWHERE.
It starts here....