Sunday, May 28, 2006

Friday Night, Saturday..erm Night, and Sunday an' all

OOO I HAVE a life!
Friday. Me and him indoors hauled ourselves over to Farnworth to see a mate and we went to see Sinnerboy, a Rory Gallagher tribute band, at the Moses Gate. It was awesome. We got really drunk, had a kebab on the way home (kebab house run by scary bikers and I bet they get NO trouble in there),and I watched 2 16 year olds have the world's stupidist non violent fight ever:
16 year old number one (encased in pastel shirt, chinos and razored hair) - I'm gonna have you!
16 year old number one's girlfriend (encased in white shoes, orange skin and velour pants) - Leave it, He isn't worth it...
16 year old number two (dressed EXACTLY like 16 year old number one) - Yeah, I'm gonna have YOU!
Cue #1 swinging a John Inham style punch at the other, missing, falling over, teenager #2 doing almost EXACTLY the same thing, girlfriend starts crying, and all parties leave in opposite directions. Embarrassed probably.
Saturday. Met two lovely people (hi Crystal and Granville!) for a meal at Nawab near us. For once we walked so we could have a drink. We don't normally have starters but it being a social occaision we joined in and I am glad I did. Paneer tikka. Like chicken tikka but its not chicken its CHEESE. HEAVEN.
Had a few spoons of wine, chatted and off to bed. Not all together obviously :-)
Today - been rehearsing with Born Idle. My proper band. Not that other band. I have also got a new camera courtesy of the boss, so I took a picture of my stuff..... The silver foil is my cheese sandwich wrapper. Not very rock and roll but I like to be prepared.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Another gig and some other things

1. Our new drummer is going well and we should be gigging soon.
2. Last week I went to see DC79 at the Moses Gate in Bolton (I may as well MOVE to Bolton, I spend so much time there) and it was awesome.
4. I watched Day of the Dead last night. It was also awesome.
5. I bought a tshirt saying "I'm with the band" :-)
6. Going to Wales in a minute for another gig. After Watford win the playoffs 2-nil.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Another gig

Last Saturday saw DC79 in Burnley. I was sound engineer and I got so loud that some light fittings vibrated off the celing and broke, so I officially ROCK. Drank real ale, ate chips and burgers, wore the new boots and had a great time.
Having a big clear out of rubbish chez moi, and got a stack of things to sell on Ebay. Makes up for the constant buying of Richard Laymon books.
Our new drummer for MY band is working out well.
Otherwise, all is well in my world.
Except I forgot to say that it took me THREE HOURS to get to work this morning. A diesel spillage on the M62 took 2 lanes out and due to the total ineptitude of the highways agency, I was car-bound for all that time. However, I am a girl that travels well. I had water in a cooled flask, toast with blue cheese dressing (trust me - it WORKS), a book (Fred And Rose - The True Story), 3 Rob Zombie cds and a pen and paper. I may do it AGAIN tomorrow :-)

Monday, May 01, 2006

What keeps you awake at night? Or rather in the early hours of the morning....

My cat does. She has taken to stamping about on me at around 6.30 am on a work day and 7.30am on a non-work day, until I wake up. Then she mews and cries a bit and then goes back to sleep. I, however, am now awake and stay that way. I know she is old, and I know they develop funny habits, but she is warm and healthy and well fed and can come in and out of every room in the house at will (and they have a cat flap) and the other aged pensioner cat conks out at 10pm and thats the last you hear from him before 10am the next day but he is happy to sleep in a big pile of smelly cat fluff with her if she wants. I just dont understand it. I am developing bags under the eyes and crossness. We arent out of the house a great deal, and sometimes she is downright standoffish if you try to get too close to her, so I am not sure that she is lonely.
I wouldnt mind if she wanted to get up FOR something, but I always leave water and/or milk down for them at night, along with some food in case they get hungry in the night so it isnt that either. Maybe she is getting cat alzheimers, if there is such a thing.