Sunday, January 22, 2006

A hedge and more photos

I made a list of all the things that need doing to the house, and I have made a start. Its a VERY long list and I can't afford to have some of it done. So I have started with the things that don't cost money, or not much.
Yesterday we bought a new (VERY cheap in a sale) bed, and took the old one to the tip.
Yesterday I made a tablecloth out of an old curtain and covered the three kitchen chairs with the left over material. Its a bit 1970s Bistro chic (red and white checks) but its ok.
Today I started work on the hedge from hell. Its a privet hedge, about 30 feet long, and on next door's side its about 6 feet high. On OUR side its about 20 feet high. Next door kindly lent me some kind of medieval torture implement to saw down some of the three inch thick branches. We knew there was an elderberry tree in there somewhere, and that has now got room to breath. There is also another tree we didn't even know we had! I THINK its a rowan, but we will have to see what it turns into now it has been revealed.
I weeded and chopped and him indoors put the back gate on properly (it fell down in a storm and was hanging on by, well, by nothing really).
And I am now shattered. But I can cross a few things off the list at least.
And now for the photos. This is a resteraunt called "Winkles" in Rhos on Sea, North Wales, as of June 2005.
It USED to be a cafe called "The Point Cafe" circa 1974 - 1984, when me, Mum and Dad, Nana, Grandad and Uncle Simon used to go on our communal, anunal jollies each summer. When it was The Point, we used to have sausage, egg and chips, and the salt and pepper shakers were in the shape of an orange and black stripey rectangular tiger. Its hard to describe. You could buy them from the cafe, but no one ever bought me one, or there would be photographic evidence. Oh, the cruelty of parents....

The B and B we stayed in to take the above photo was out of the ark, and very nice it was too. Over on the left is the sink in the bathroom. Just smashing. Look at those taps!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Favourite Photos from the archive...

Going through some old photos, sorting them out and things.I have SO many random folders and pictures in weird places that I thought enough is enough and I will SORT THEM OUT.
Here are some of my favourites...

This is Felix, age 15, on the somewhat raggedy lawn in the back gardenin October 2004. She is a very cuddly cat most of the time. The rest of the time she is evil and violent and will NOT take any notice of anyone.

This is a house in Whitby, that I would be very happy to live in. We have spent many a long weekend in Whitby, me and him indoors, and I would VERY much like to live there. The last time I went was at a DC79 gig in December 2004, and I arrived in the dark and went home in the dark, had no time for sightseeing, and no time to get down to the sea. I did manage to get to eat some lovely fish though :-)

Speaking of are some that live in the Blue Planet Aquarium in Ellesmere Port. August 2004.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Photo Shop Brushes

As my social life (aka DC79's gigs) has been in limbo, I have reverted to type and am crocheting a blanket, reading His Darkest Materials and discovering Adobe PhotoShop Brushes! Awesome. There was an artist in me and its come OUT. Take a look at the rest of me link over on the right - the pictures and images on my website were made by ME from scratch and I am so proud of my new talent!
On another note, I am annoyed with Amazon. I bought a diary and 2 calenders (1 for home and 1 for work) all claiming they were available for despatch in 24 hours. Only 1 calendar has arrived so far (I ordered on 31st Decemeber) so I reckon they owe me money for loss of dates....

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Good evening little school girl :-)

Taken on someone's camera phone. Thats my mate Mand behind me. This was at that Snowball thing. I had horns on my head.