Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Random stuff

I have been a bit busy lately, although its difficult to say doing what exactly! The boss has been away so I have been pretending to be him (bit hard when I havent got a beard!), and working some late hours. Although it was from home, with red wine and music so it didnt FEEL like work :-)
Only 5 days to go before I leave for Hungary in the back of a van with 5 men. I cant believe we are driving there, although there is no other way, what with equipment and things. I am not packed or anything, but thats not the issue. The issue is my camera. Obviously I will be taking shed loads of photos, and I do not want to take the digital one because then I will have to take the laptop and I dont want to trawl that round Europe for 10 days because I KNOW something will happen to it. I cant not take the latop if the camera goes because I dont have enough memory cards and I will have to empty out the camera every day onto the laptop. So, tomorrow I am going out to buy an old skool real camera so I can do the film thing. It will be quite strange, actually having to think about the structure and lighting of a photo rather than just taking loads and deleting the ones I dont like, but I was quite good with a real camera so hopefully I wont have forgotten any of it. I also have to get the cats their provisions for their stay at the in-laws (I havent told them they are going yet). You would think after all these years I would be a bit less "last minute" about it all but obviously I am not.

Currently getting into Depech Mode for some reason. I have never disliked them but I have never really listened to anything from around the 1990s and now I have I love it.

Must dash - am knitting a friend an Eeyore for Christmas :-)