Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cult of personality

Before I start, I watched the first series of Pop Idol. I am not slating people who watch these programmes. I am just becoming overwhelmed by the "celebs" that appear on them. Who are you and what are you for???
Ok, you have had some pretty famous people in that jungle one. John Lydon was quite entertaining I am led to believe. But on the whole, I just don't get it.
Ok, your career may be flagging somewhat and your agent persuades you to go on the show to boost your public profile/earn yourself (and therefore your agent) a few quid. Ok, if you are a legit celeb maybe, just maybe there is a reason for you doing this. Maybe you are reinventing yourself, Michael Barrymore style, so that the general public stop thinking you are a woman hating, suspicious death covering up has-been. Maybe you just like a laugh, Janet Street-Porter style. Maybe you have serious psychological problems, a la Les Dennis. At least you DID stuff before you went into the jungle/house/got judged for your singing ability (or lack of it).
But how come those who haven't done anything previously except hang around nightclubs looking orange/being outrageously over the top gay as a career choice/doing stupidly parent embarrasing adult-orientated acts in front of the nation actually get ridiculously famous after they have won/lost the stupid programme? Jade Goody. What on earth is the point of her?? She has her own column in a magazine and she can barely speak!!
And while I am on the subject, Paris Hilton. Nichole Ritchie. What are they FOR?
And the blame surely lies with those who go along with the media hype about these idiotic excuses for human beings. Let these excuses for people think they are important and they will start behaving like it.
Today I got stuck in mad traffic because the motorway was closed because of an accident.9 cars crashed. A lorry set on fire, and so did some of the other cars. 2 people died. Other drivers got out of their own cars and tried to put the flames out with their little tiny personal fire extinguishers. Lorries blocked the lanes to stop other cars ploughing into the accident. Other drivers tried to give first aid to those involved in the accident. And lead story on the local news? Jade Goody's relationship is in trouble. Kerry Katona is in drug rehab. What a world.
Make that bloke that won Big Brother prime minister and have done with it.

Monday, August 28, 2006

More from the phone

Last night we,Born Idle, played at the Alma in Bolton. There were four bands on, Churchill, another one I can't remember the name of, us and DMob. I was full of a cold but still managed to remember the songs.
For dinner today we went out and ate Mexican.
Here is my dinner...

Philly cheese steak wrap with fries. The coleslaw was stolen from him indoors as he had something massive....

Thats fries and sweetcorn and onion rings and ribs and chicken. In our defence, we had no tea last night and no breakfast this morning so I think we deserved it. Anyway, feed a cold and all that. OK we are just greedy!
And finally, the view from the top of my building at work. I went up there to have a look and Leeds really does look a lot different from up there. It almost looks nice!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Car. House. Kitsch.

1. I have finally got the settlement authorised for my car so I can have the work done it. I got £1000.
2. My mortgage company inform me that my endowment may have a shortfall of £12,000. Last quarter they informed me I was up on the deal by £4000. I am ignoring them.
3. I have a new phone so to celebrate the passing of the old one, I have emptied it of photos and will be posting some of the more amusing ones.
Like this one, taken of a restaraunt on Shude Hill in Manchester.
Great 60s signage going on!

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Everything at work was ticking along nicely. And then yesterday I get a letter and then a phone call from some company who want a reference for someone who worked for us and who is now going to work for them. Hmmm, thats odd, I think, because no one has left for ages and ages. Turns out they havent left at all because they still work here!
The poor woman on the phone was mortified because we didn't know someone was leaving and not telling us, and I was mortified because I didnt know either and she felt so awful that I felt sorry for her.
Anyway, bottom line is we will be one short and I will be girl-with-two-jobs again, at least for a short time. I havent had Monday morning going back to work blues for 6 years and I have a horrible feeling I am going to get them again. I love my job, but now its all going to be a bit rough for a while and I am so cross. I know people have to do what's best for them, and better themselves and all that jazz, but I can't help feeling a bit irked about all this behind the back stuff thats obviously been going on. We aren't exactly IBM; we are a small company and everyone is important. A bit of notice would have been nice.
I dont think the new employers were particularly impressed with the way their new employee has behaved either, but that's not something I have to worry about anymore.
On a lighter note, I got three Guy N Smith horror novels in the post, I have sold a stack of stuff on Ebay and cleaned a third of my stair carpet with a scrubbing brush and some nuclear chemical type stuff that makes you dizzy :-)
Last night we watched "Carnival of Souls" on DVD. Then we started watching "The Mesa of Lost Women" (tip - DONT) and we both fell asleep and woke up at 5am covered in cats on the settee. That was fun!
Speak soon guys and gals

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm in the band

Born Idle, the best old school punk rock and roll band on the planet, are back in action. Of course, being the bass player, I am biased :-)
Last night saw us supporting Slaughter and the Dogs at the Thatched House in Stockport. We were excellent, it was very hot and I sweated buckets. I drank shandy! Yes, SHANDY! Doesn't do to be drunk at ones own gigs.Otherwise one can't play for toffee. There are no pictures yet because I can't snap and play at the same time, but friends took some and I will see if I can get hold of a few.
I enjoyed Slaughter a lot more than I thought I would and it was nice to see a few faces I havent seen for a while.
On the way home we saw the aftermath of a crash, where there was a taxi on its side in the middle of the road and people running around all over the place. The driver of the car that hit the taxi drove off! I dont think anyone was hurt and I hope the absconded driver gets caught.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Boy, am I tired! The last 2 day's itinerary as follows....
8am. Get up. Get stuff together for forthcoming 2 gigs for DC79 in one day.
9.30am. Go to get hire van. On way back call into post office to collect parcels that have been living there for almost three weeks. 1 Laurel and Hardy book. One vintage Gibson guitar book. I ACDC vest for me. Woooo!
10.20am. Try and find long socks to wear with New Rocks. Find them under cat.
11am.We are off!
11.05am. Back to house to retrieve forgotten map book...
Collect other band members and hangers on. Drive to Wrexham.
2.20pm Band soundcheck. I go to bar.
3.30pm. Band are on. I come out of bar and take photos.
4.45pm. Band finish. I go to bar.
Hang about for a short time and then collect various band members and hangers on and drive to Burnley for gig number 2.
8.20pm. Arrive in Burnley. Cart gear inside. Band soundcheck. I go to bar.
8.40pm. Band play. I watch. And go to bar.
After they finish we hang about outside because a) its too hot, b) I am not enjoying the other band c) or the location.
11.45pm Watch fight outside adjacent nightclub.
12.30am Watch domestic, complete with crying woman and passer by going "he's not worth it".
After much faffing about....
3.45am Arrive home.
4.05am Down Disprins and crash out.

10am Get up and take van back.
11am Go to Morrisons for breakfast. I have a cheeseburger. Didnt eat yesterday!
12.30pm Go to pub. Have two pints and dissect previous evening and read paper.
Spend afternoon sorting out last nights photos, tidying up all the far flung items that got hurled on the floor earlier this morning, have bath.
6.30pm. Make grilled cheese sandwich and watch the Simpsons.
7.00pm. Settle down with laptop and try and make new phone work with bluetooth. Fail. Drink cider.

Speak soon people! x