Saturday, June 26, 2004

Central Heating is Microsoft.

My central heating is still broken. Well, its half broken. Hot upstairs, cold downstairs. And I am running out of ideas. I have bled things, balanced things, tapped things with hammers and shouted at things, but the downstairs radiators will NOT get hot.
To take my mind off it, I have begun my campaign of getting away from all things Microsoft on my laptop. I use Incredimail for email and Mozilla for browsing. If I can tempt my contacts away from MSN messenger and onto something else (NOT AOL messenger - I am allergic to AOL) then I will gravitate towards that. Star office is replacing MS office. All I need to do now is get very brave and install Red Hat on here. But I am not sure how it will cope with the hardware, so I may chicken out and trial run it on some old pc and see what happens.
Aside from that, the bedroom is now fully new furnitured-up (apart from the bed - can't face bed building yet) and looking psychedelic as hell. I obviously think its 1966 or something.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

DIY - Do I not like that?

Its been all work and no play this weekend chez Faery Towers. The bedroom carpet is a mixture of 70s fibre, cat hair, MY hair and general rubbish. And it had to go. I did it by myself. It took all day. I had to cut the crumbling carpet into bin bag sized bits, fill a bin bag with the bits and then chuck the bag out of the bedroom window. And then repeat this many many times.Then hoover repeatedly. The floorboards have revealed themselves to be archaic, nail riddled 1820s monoliths. I am ignoring them. Rugs are a wonderful invention.
And then we went INSANE and bought a whole pile of self-assembly bedroom furniture. Half of it is UNassembled, but for the first time in my life I have a dressing table. I have always always wanted one, with a mirror and perfume bottles and velvet scarves draped about, and glass bottles and all my girly stuff strewn around and now I have one. It makes it all worth while.
Oh, and the central heating has thrown a fit. Hot water is fine but only the upstairs radiators work. Typical.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Friday Night is Blondie night!

Me and junior sister in law went to see the brilliant Blondie at the Manchester Apollo on Friday night. It was all seated this time but we stood up. Debbie still dances like Dame Edna, but they were great. Clem Burke must be about 19 now, looking at him. A bit too much of the disco stuff for me, and a touch too much new stuff as well, but they always do that so I can't complain. All in all a fantastic night. I was pleased they did X Offender and Rifle Range, but one day I hope to see them do "Die Young, Stay Pretty". Lee Fox (bass player) looks like the child of Dee Dee Ramone and Charlie off Coronation Street, who is now rivalling T**d G******w for sheer selfish horribleness.
At least we have reached incidence number two of soap Nirvana - first Jason chins Nick Tilsey and last night Leanne chucks a pint over him!! You can't beat it.
We had a power cut on Friday night. I was all ready with the candles (we had already had a mini acoustic concert by him indoors)but then it came back on. Boooring...Power cuts aren't like they were when I was a child ( and I was a child during the super ones of the 1970s!)

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Car Trouble

Some children of the night decided to attempt to break into Darlene (my car)on Friday night. The hero next door chased them but they got away. After breaking two windows and belting the door with a piece of 2 x 4. Now I believe in instinct - when I parked (right round the corner in a dark side street well away from my street)I thought, don't park here - something will happen. But I parked anyway, ignoring myself. And look what happened. Mr Sam and I managed to replace the windows ourselves (£15 from a scrapyard owned by Mr next door but one - great neighbours!)but I now propose death by beheading for car vandals. SLOW beheading. With a blunt knife.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Does The Bill count as a soap?

Thankyou to the kind lady that told me off about Todd Grimshaw in my previous post. Someone I am not related to has looked at this! Yep, he is being true to his own nature, yep its all down to headline-grabbing shock-script editors (I know that doesn't rhyme like shock-jock does), but I like Sarah and therefore I don't like Todd. Mind you, I don't like Gail either. Or Martin. Or Katy and her solid-state hair. Or indeed Karl. But I DO like Audrey, and Todd has upset Audrey so therefore I am upset about him all over again. Good job I don't watch any of the other soaps! Or does The Bill count as a soap? I have MAJOR opinions about people in The Bill.......

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Soap Attack

I'm not daft. I have a brain. But I have formed an "I hate Todd Grimshaw" club. Feel free to harangue him in supermarkets. It's real you know....Poor Sarah.