Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Some Sims....

Here's one I electrocuted earlier.....

Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Life as a Sim

It all began so innocently. A few years back, I bought a pc game called The Sims. I was already a fan of point and clicky things like Myst (although Doom will always be my favourite pc game ever). It seemed simple enough. You make a family, build them a house, decorate it, furnish it, get your Sims a job, get the kids off to school each day, that kind of thing. May pass the odd hour or so once every so often. Except it turned out to be the most compelling game I have every played.... Add on games appeared - The Sims Makin' Magic was especially good, allowing you to get your Sims to cast spells, practice magic and so on. I also discovered countless sites out there where you can download objects and clothes and hair styles and so on, to make your Sims more interesting.
I spent HOURS and HOURS playing it. The original Sims was a 2d affair. And then EA Games went barmy and made The Sims 2 - in 3d. And my free time disappeared in a whiff of pc gaming....
Oh dear me but this game is obsessive. I have cheats and add ons and downloaded objects, and an Amish family that keep asking for a telly (they were pleased with the bookcase I got them though), and I have one family that make Charles Manson's look like the Osmonds. I kill the ones I don't like in inventive ways (get them in the swimming pool and then take the ladders away/I get them to set fire to things and then take the doors away so they burn to death/I starve them to death...says a lot about me I think)
I have even built a faithful model of myself and my own house.
When I can get some screenshots together, I will post them so you can all marvel at my sad life :-)

Day Out

We went to Barnsley today. Well, Hoyland actually. The band are doing a gig there next Friday so we went on a recce mission because they alledged they have an in-house PA and him indoors wanted to make sure it was up to the job. Its a funny place - one side is all PA and lights and stuff and the other side is like a little tiny snug, all dominoes and swearing. It should be good though.
On the way back we came via Marsden and stopped at a cafe up in the hills for lunch. I say lunch - it was geting on for three o clock and I hadn't eaten all day. I had a bacon and mushroom toastie which was lovley. Its great up there - sheep wander about all over the road and the scenery is gorgeous. Yes, I forgot to take the camera.
Called in at Oldham and I finally bought The Sims2 University. The Sims what I hear you cry? Well.....over to post number 2 tonight....

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Well we beat Argentina. It was quite LOUD chez Faery, what with him indoors shouting and waving lager cans about, but we had a more civilised bottle of Pinot Grigio to really celebrate. With hotdogs. The tea of Kings.
The new office continues to be great. I have so much ROOM. Goth boy seems to like it too, probably because we got new tea/coffee/sugar cannisters and they are BLACK. What he doesn't know yet is we are getting desk lamps - BLACK ones. He is away this weekend playing D and D. What a trooper of the Goth community :-)
I am nearly at the end of reading THUD by Terry Pratchett. What to read next is up for debate. Its either "John" by Cynthia Lennon or a Phillip Pullman. The Cynthia Lennon thing is smaller and therefore readable in the bath, but i fancy the Pullman more. Except its massive and liable to water logging....

Sunday, November 06, 2005

News from the frontline

Blimey, have I been busy. A coupla DC79 gigs , and on Friday it was a late one. I got home at 6.40am. The NEXT DAY. To say I was a bit shattered is an understatement. I was very good though - I kept being offered Absinthe and I kept saying no.
I have been playing the Sims2 to obsessive levels, selling things on Ebay, reading Terry Pratchett and losing weight. Not neccessarily in that order.
We are finally in the new office at last. Its smashing - very large, very high ceilings, digital radio reception is ok again, and there is NO DUST and NO BUILDERS. An END to builders!!!!
Goth Boy is turning out to be a smashing staff member, which makes things easier on me, so all in all things are going well at the moment.
Well, all apart from junior senior cat. Felix is going a bit funny in the head. Or more than usual. I think senility is creeping up on her. She is getting a little confused and forgets where she is. I think a trip to the vets is in order. But can anything be done for a mentally confused cat? She isnt physically ill - she is stuffing her face and fighting with the other cat, and she is washing herself and things. She just isnt RIGHT somehow.
The perils of old animal owning.