Sunday, February 18, 2007

Out of the habit

There has been no gig this weekend, which is WEIRD. Last Saturday it was the Floral Halls in Southport at a biker do, and it was awesome. Its a lovely building on the inside, all art deco doors and an beautiful glass ceiling thing in the main room. Not that the sound guy was very keen on it :-)
After this little sojourn, it was 6.30am before we got in. There was no dancing on tables from me but I did enjoy myself.
So, this weekend and we stayed in on Friday and we stayed in on Saturday as well. Well, during Saturday DAY we went to Oldham and had a burger and a couple of pints in some Wetherspoons dive. Then I got IT and Salem's Lot on dvd and him indoors got a book about Charlie Chaplin, but only because it had pictures of Stan Laurel in it.
Last night we watched Hostel, which I was deeply disappointed in. Silly story, awful acting and as for the gore- where was it?? Ok, there were a couple of good bits of proper horror ,but only a couple, which I wouldnt mind so much if it hadnt been billed as the goriest thing ever. It wasn't.
Dont get me wrong- Night of the Demon is my favourite horror film ever, and I am on the edge of me seat watching the old Dennis Wheatley Hammer films - there is far more to the horror genre than blood and guts. But if it SAYS its full of blood and guts then I expect it to be just that, and Hostel wasnt.
On another note, I am finishing off the stripey jumper, so that should be wearable just about when the weather gets warmer.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Manchester City Council are mad

Not content with celebrating getting the uber-casino job next to City's ground, the increasingly mad council have given us new street lights. Before, we had kindly glowing orange ones, encased in pebbledashed posts, thrusting their 1960's heads up through the pot holed pavements of yore.
NOW we have steel monstrosities that appeared Invasion of the Body Snatchers stylee overnight. Ominously they appeared NEXT to the old ones and operated in tandem for a few days. Now the old ones have mysteriously gone, and their gentle orange glow has been replaced by what I can only describe as a parody of the lights on the grandstands in the opening titles of Match of the Day. Down my way, we are in a minority, being just the two of us surrounded by the very old (who are very nice and I approve of them all) and those that are trying to break the land speed record for breeding hoardes of children as quickly as possible. So, at 6am on a Sunday morning when we are returning post-gig, there aren't many people about. Previously , the orange glow was a comforting reminder of the soft bed that awaited us (in which we are rudely woken up when the first of the junior cast of The Lord of the Flies emerges onto the street at about 10.30am and starts SCREECHING). NOW we turn the corner in the van and are greeted by Blackpool bloody illuminations. I cannot believe how BRIGHT these stupid new lights are. I dont have a light right outside the window but the people across the road do and I bet they dont need to put their lights on at all in their house.
We still havent had the alley way done up yet either. The council put gates up at each end and then said they would tarmac over it to make it all nice. That was a year ago. We got a "memo" from them saying they couldn't do this because people would insist on leaving their wheelie bins out there. On a Tuesday. Which is BIN DAY. Where are we supposed to PUT the bins? The bin men wont come within 50 miles of your front gate so you HAVE to leave them at the end of the alleyway or your bin stays full forever.
Not to mention the diversion signs they put up last week, sending drivers down a cul-de-sac you cant get out of.

Monday, February 05, 2007

I am a grown up

I am getting a pension. That's weird. I can't get my head round the fact that I can drive a car and don't have to ask my dad to drive me somewhere, and I refuse to accept I have a mortgage. Now I have a pension.
I have no idea how any of this grown up stuff happened.
Still, I like the fact I am old enough to go in pubs and nightclubs without having to have false ID. Which I never had. Ever. Honest. Parents - look away now.
It'll be anti-wrinkle cream next. And one of those big slippers that you get two feet in at once.
Still, this Saturday will see me back on a stool, dancing.
Last Saturday I didn't get in till 5.30am, having spent the evening drinking whiskey with a Hungarian. So its not all bad!