Saturday, July 21, 2007

Newton Music Festival

I was there. In the rain and the cold last night, taking photos, drinking brandy out of a plastic glass and pinching other people's chips. DC/79 have a new singer at last, and it was his unveiling last night.

It was GREAT. I even managed to finally REALLY sell my old bass amp, so now I am on the look out for a new cab, as I have exploded mine somehow :-)

A kind friend gave me a case for my bass head, so the fins on the back can no longer attack me and hack lumps of flesh out of anything that goes within two feet of it.

In other news, I have discovered I really REALLY like jalapeno poppers, which are jalapeno chillies filled with cream cheese and covered in breadcrumbs. I think you are supposed to deep fry them but I just stick 'em in the oven.

In fact, that's made me hungry so I will go and have some.

Here is a picture of the fair from the festival last night, from the wrong side of the tracks as it were.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


My dad is under the impression that I go out to eat a lot. So to prove him right,
: Yesterday we went to Ashton and I had lasagne and a pint and him indoors had fish and chips and a pint (in a Wetherspoons pub)for our lunch , and I must admit I did appreciate the non-smoking atmos.
Today we trolled off to the Trafford Centre and we ate here and it was very lovely indeed. Chilaquile as a starter for me, crayfish for him, and then a chicken wrap for me and peri-peri chicken for him, San Miguels all round. We sat at the window and there was a massive thunder storm, complete with torrential rain and lightening and stuff - quite fantastic.
I got myself Saw on dvd for £3, a Goonies tshirt, and he got everything by the Pythons on film ever, in one big box set.
Back to my Dad. Yes, we do eat out quite a bit, but they tend to be budget outfits and we choose wisely and try not to repeat our outings. We aren't McDonalds freaks, and we very rarely get chip shop chips. Most of our culinary adventures are in back street cafes or out of the way places that cater to the non-English pallette. I dont get around to posting about a lot of them, like the melt in the mouth shami kebab we had one time that came with yoghurt on a paper plate and cost 50p and was sublime, or the chicken tikka on naan bread that could have powered a trip to the moon, such was its fieryness, but we like our food and we like to eat out (cheaply!) and we will try new things as often as we can.
So yes Dad, we eat out a lot. And its not just sausage egg and chips :-)
Some of my best memories of childhood centre around food. Sausage and chips featured large in my life, it being my dad's favourite meal of choice when we were out and about. We used to go to a cafe in Llanwrst (sp?) and they used to make their own shortbread biscuits and without exception every time we went there on our annual jaunt its what I used to have. I can actually taste it now as I think about it.
And my mum used to do us what we called "bits and pieces" teas. This was a small chocolate bar, crisps, cheese, some bread, a glass of milk, all served on a tray and it could be eaten on your knee listening to music (we didnt really DO eating in front of the telly) or at the table, reading something. Reading and eating are intrinsically linked in my mind.
Its funny, I seem to remember what I ate and what I read in relation to what happened in my life more than any other reminder of things past.