Saturday, August 20, 2005

Pre Wedding Jitters

...and its not even MY wedding. Next Saturday our friends' son is getting married (that makes me feel ancient. I remember one time they came round to party the night away and had to bring him with them - he was 12 - because he had done some evil child thing and couldnt be left alone, and he sulked all night and here he is, a post grad, 22 and getting married..)
ANYWAY, it's a posh do and I have no posh clothes. I don't have to wear a suit or formal gear for work so I don't have posh people clothes. And neither does him indoors, unless you count his 1980s Ben Elton suit. And even Ben Elton wouldn't wear it anymore. So off we go to Asda and this is how it goes....
Him (within 5 seconds of entering the shop) - there's a black suit, in my size. I'll get that.
Me - (after 3 years of solid browsing) - everything's horrible or old-lady, the wrong size, no shoes will go with that, why dont they have that in a NICE colour, go and read the magazines while I kill myself....
I didn't get anything.
Tomorrow is round two in the clothing war. Normally, clothes shopping for me involves "does it have a picture of a band I like on it/is it denim/will that go with my suede high heeled boots/that looks sturdy and unfazed by beer spillage". NOW I have to buy real grown up people's clothing for once and I can't cope.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'm Miss World. Somebody kill me.

Post number two of the evening. And this one is about Courtney Love.I like her. A lot. I like the way she looks, I like her music, I like her attitude (although her voice grates a bit) . And I am a bit fed up of everyone slagging her off for being a bit chunky at present. So WHAT? So she has put on a bit of weight. Its all part of the build em up knock em down look at the freak culture that seems to exist in our media. Ok, so you could argue that she courts the publicity, that she sets out to be notorious, that she actively seeks the negative attention, but attacking her for looking a bit iffy (which incidentally I don't think she does - the woman is 41 for insert your deity here's sake) is not particularly constructive or helpful, and is just a bit sad really. Ok, we are all guilty of going "oh look at the state of so and so" expecially if its someone we dont like, but in Courtney's case I think people do it because they WANT to see her fail, see her down, watch the descent into hell of this month's favourite freak.What I most like about her is the fact that she doesnt seem to care what anyone thinks. Neither do I. My own is the only approval I need.Courtney for Queen i say. (oh, no I dont, I dont believe in a monarchical system. Damn.)

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Hi guys. Last Sunday saw DC79, and by default ME, at the ACDC Convention in Wrexham, Wales. It was a last minute thing (another band dropped out and they were asked to play) - it was three days of ACDC tribute bands, workshops, stalls and things, and they were on at 3.30pm on Sunday afternoon. No rehearsal with the new singer at all. No soundcheck, just 1234 and into Riff Raff. It was brilliant! I (well its MY website, not theirs, so I am going to talk about ME) met loads of nice people, had loads of free beer and food, danced about a bit, took some photos and generally had a whale of a time.
Its if you want to go and have a look at what happened.