Monday, November 27, 2006


I found a folder on the laptop where I have been dumping all the photos I take on the new super duper camera, and I found this one. Its just outside Ulveston.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Born Idle gig

Yes, we were magnificent. The sound was RUBBISH, mostly down to the "sound engineer" actually claiming to be one and obviously wasn't. As this is something I do have a stab at on the odd occaision, I like to think I know where I am with a basic mixing desk. This guy didn't.
Despite that, we went down well, made a few quid and sold a couple of cds.
I was EXTREMELY glad that him indoors was driving. The plan was that we would stay at the drummer's house but there was a hitch on the car front, and it was too difficult to arrange alternatives, so we had to drive home. Damn glad we did. It was still going on when we left, and when we were feet up, drinking vodka and bitter lemon and watching the top 40 best moments of Only Fools And Horses at home, we could have been standing around outside a venue where we didnt want to be anymore and where we had stopped enjoying ourselves about the same time as we came off stage. Aha- old woman !! I hear you cry. Nope. I have been like this all my life. I can't do camping. I can't do sleeping on other people's floors. I can just about tolerate sleeping on other people's sofas IF I can go to sleep when I want and not at 4am surrounded by LOUD people.
I like my comforts I am afraid, so this grumpy old woman stuff is not new - I have ALWAYS been like that!
Went off to town today for some dinner. We shared a shami kebab (a small one) and a chicken tikka kebab and read the Sunday People (which would appear to contain NO news whatsoever), then we went for a pint in a little bar called the Bay Horse. Then we went home and on the way we stopped at our local - The Bay Horse - for another. Synchronicity. Bought a book about the New York Dolls (him indoors' current obsession) and one that concerns Rat Scabies but I am not sure how yet as I haven't read it.
Stuck some more stuff on ebay to sell, had a bath, carried on with the red and black stripey jumper I am knitting, watched Corrie and Heartbeat and then Planet Earth and that, children, was my weekend.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Its nearly December

Where has the time gone?
Tonight we have a gig. We, the proper band, not the pretend one :-) Its in Atherton.
Our office is on the move AGAIN at work. We are moving backwards and losing the front door. Currently we are next to a cafe. There is a building college up the road and at break times all the little 16 and 17 year olds stand outside our door eating and drinking and spitting and its the most annoying thing in the world. I have kicked the odd one off the step (quite literally) but there are hoardes of them and there is only so much you can do. When we lose our door, we get the door next door but one to the cafe so that will be the end of them as far as we are concerned. However, the accounts people next door on the otherside of us are moving into the bit of the office we are losing, and their main office will be slap bang in front of our old door -complete with the crowds of hoodie wearing, tracksuited idiots.They alledge they are looking forward to moving. I bet they will regret it!
We are also getting a little kitchen and at last our own toilet (its always been shared between businesses before) which I am stupidly excited about.
Got to go - rock and roll beckons!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A little of things

I like this time of year. I approve very much of dark nights and rain and cold, so I am having whatever the opposite of that seasonally affected disorder is called. I HATE summer.
On the subject of cold, the cats have been camped out on a cushion covered with a throw (that we found at the end of a drunken night out in Manchester in a skip in 1993) under the kitchen radiator. Well today I disassembled the camp and moved it into the front room where its less drafty. Will they sit on it now? Nope. I am NOT moving it back. Its a small kitchen and I have just removed a bin bag's worth of rubbish from it so its looking good, and I don't want them to live in a room that we are not in all the time - do they not need company??
There was a little fight earlier between them, which just goes to show that they may be ancient but they can still have a pointless scrap.
I have a new assistant at work. She (at last! A "she" !!!! ) is very young and learns quickly and I hope she doesn't get fed up and go and work somewhere else. I am making herculean efforts to be nice and patient and understanding (none of which are me) but I have a horrible feeling that in 6 months time I will be saying... "I have a new assistant.....".
Our street has its first Christmas tree up. No, its not in my house. Unfortunatley.
There has been a DC79 gig and some BornIdle pre gig preparations and a curry or two since my last post. Aside from that, life rolls on as it will.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Singin' In the Rain

Yes I remember it well. Me and my mum were the STARS...the STARS I tell you... at a show at the Methodist Church Hall in Stockton Heath. We tap danced in leotards to Singin' In The Rain. We had umbrellas and everything. We used to rehearse in the garden on the paving stones. Bet next door loved that! Ah, the 70s. Surprisingly there is no pictorial evidence of this, given a camera mad father. Maybe he was too scared.
Speaking of the 70s, how come I have got so many damn remote controls for things these days! In the 70s we had NONE. Now I have 1 for the telly, 1 for the video, 1 for the dvd,1 for Sky telly (thats a bit broken and held together with gaffa tape and doesn't like doing the number 3), 1 for the hi fi, 1 for the radio in the kitchen (which is lost admittedly) , 1 for the upstairs video, 1 for the upstairs telly, and one for the damn sound card on the pc! And 2 others that I have no idea what they are FOR.
I can't even set the clock on the microwave - what chance do I have with all these THINGS??
I work in IT. I had a "stupid" day today so I therefore hate technology. No idea what I am doing posting on here either :-%

Ooooo and Heston Blumenthal has just been on the telly. He is a celebrity chef. I had no idea what he looked like, but I have heard him on the radio. I thought of him as tall and dark haired. He is a small, bald, bespectacled man.

Double 000000. 15000th episode of the Archers tonight. HOW disapointing! I was expecting drama, death, affairs...erm....slinks away quietly after outing self as an Archer's fan.....

Monday, November 06, 2006

Telling yourself jokes

Do you do that? When you are on your own? Ok, a leetle background. I am on housewife duty this evening, so I am a washing clothing and dishes and I came by here to play a quick game on the internet for a break. The telly is on in the background because I am finding out what on earth is on that video tape that I found in the cupboard that dates from the early 90s entitled "music videos", (La Guns/Faster Pussycat/The Black Crowes if anyone is interested), and I turned the video off and some guy on the telly was going "What's his name? What's his name?". And I said outloud "Harry May" and made myself laugh. Ok, you won't get it. Harry May is the title of a song by The Business, and the chorus goes "What's his name? Harry May!". The Business are an old school punk band I don't expect you to know about them, but the point is, do you come out with funny things to yourself OUT LOUD when you are on your own?
I hope its not just me! :-)
Ciao chickens

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Blog Land

I decided to change the whole look of this thing. My dad complained he couldn't read it and it was getting on my nerves a bit as well to be honest, and I like rain, so we are now rain themed.
I must tell you about the cats and their fleas. They got them quite badly and on previous experience, anything you buy form a shop is rubbish. I got some tablets called "capstar" off a vet on Ebay (yes, a real vet and not someone pretending to BE one), and I checked the tablets out and they are also sold in vets so I got some. Within 15 minutes of them taking a tablet, loads of dead fleas fell off the cats! It was awesome. Amazingly, neither of them pretended to take the tablet, only for it to fall out of their mouth an hour later - they actually swallowed it.
Anyway, the fleas have left the building. I can't recommend this stuff enough. No, they aren't paying me :-)
On Halloween night, we got no trick or treaters whatsoever. So we ate the sweeties I bought from the shop. Dolly mixtures! I haven't had those in years. Dolly mixtures are unique in that they don't contain any that I don't like. For example, Liquorice Allsorts have those horrid jelly ones with little bobbly bits on that are VILE, Revels have the yukky peanut ones and so on and so on. ALL Dolly Mixtures are nice! And they remind me of my mum, which make them nicer.
Watched half of Peter Jackson's King Kong last week before falling asleep. There ends my critical review of it.
Tonight its "Nightmare in a damaged brain" (yes Dad, I can hear your remarks right now), which is a previously banned video nasty. Oh yes. This I shall enjoy :-)