Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Snowball

Mid day saw us on route to Wrexham for DC79's headlining thingy at the Snowball, a one day ACDC convention, hosted by that Krusher bloke.
We were staying overnight in a hotel, so it was a no holds barred drink fest (well it was for me...)
I went mad and wore a pair of fluffy red horns and dressed up like a schoolgirl but what the hell, you only live once.
They were excellent as ever, and did about 8 million encores, and we rolled into the hotel at 3am, up at 9am for a full breakfast and then the awful "drop people/gear/vans" off bit, which takes FOREVER. Consequently I am now VERY tired.
Sadly the photographic evidence is a little shaky, as my camera is rubbish at taking pictures in the dark, but here is one of the posters....


Christmas day dinner theme was Argentinian, so it was a marinaded beef affair (something like chimichurri - I think that's how you spell it), with home made chips and carrots and Argentinian wine. Very nice indeed.
I got loads of stuff with faeries on, an ACE book about Free (signed by the author dontcha know), a biography of Kate Bush and some other good stuff.
Went to the Ma in laws on Boxing day and had a meal out, then got drunk on bizarre cocktails made by junior sister in law (provisions by senior sister in law, who was driving so couldn't actually HAVE any so it was very kind of her).
A lot was eaten and drunk, but not overly so, and I didn't have turkey once.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas begins

Today we went to the Christmas markets in Manchester. We had a german steak burger, a cup of something-wein (can't pronounce it but it was hot mulled wine with blueberries), then a cup of somethingelse-wein (as before but with cherries) and THEN a cup of cider punch which sounds vile but was so lovely we bought two bottles of the stuff. Also got some posh fudge, some dutch cheese ("for those about to rock - cheese!" as the dutch bloke selling it said when he saw my ACDC tshirt) and we kept the cups the something-weins came in as well.
The markets looked like the above (I don't know who the people are!)
Oh yes, and I also got The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on dvd, and Lionheart by Kate Bush. And a fantastic book of 60s adverts, more of which later.

Here is him indoors agog with desire at the huge pile of olives and garlic....

And the world's OLDEST baby Jesus....

A MASSIVE Father Christmas (sorry - can never get the hang of all this "Santa" business)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Some time has passed

I didnt say about the Barnsley Gig did I....It was very good. Rockaholics was the venue (staged at G and Ts club) and the journey there was very lovely. It was dark and the moon was out and there were no lights as we drove across the Woodhead pass. We didn't hit any sheep either. I don't recall the journey home, as I had been drinking Jack Daniels till 2.30am and I was "tired". So I wrapped myself in a blanket or two and went to sleep in the back of the van.
Chez office, the ceiling fell in the other day and I spent the morning in my new role as office cleaner. The builders from hell, it has transpired, have stolen the Christmas decorations out of the basement where we USED to keep our stuff, which has dually upset AND annoyed me. I have been shouting a lot at anyone in a hard hat as a consequence.
The band have finally got a new singer, and rehearsals for this little event ..... are in order. I can't wait!
It snowed a bit the other day, I broke the bonnet catch AND the window winder for the driver's side in my car (don't know my own strength!), and a Marshall stack has taken up residence in my front room.
So nothing to report really :-)